The Sunset Paradise Villa is located on Koh Phangan Island 5 minutes from Thong Sala Port by car or scooter, enjoying stunning sea views with stunning sunset views over the islands of Angthong National Marine Park.

The villa includes indoor and outdoor living areas. Located in a secure environment and Wi-Fi connection.

Fully furnished, the villa has:

swimming pool

An infinity pool (pool maximum depth 1m80)


Three spacious rooms (room 1 of 36,27 m2) room 2 of 24,15m2) and (room 3 of 19,77m2)

They are all equipped with air conditioning, a ceiling fan, a safe and A private bathroom with a rain shower and a shower gel and shampoo dispenser. Towels and toiletries are provided.


An indoor living room of 100m2, with a sofa, a flat screen TV


An open kitchen and breakfast bar are equipped with a microwave hob, toaster, free water fountain, espresso machine and an oven


A sun terrace with sea views (100 meters) features a covered lounge with ceiling fan

Dear clients,

We are very happy to welcome you to our villa.

Upon your arrival at the port of Thong Sala, you will be taken care of up to the villa by a member of our team who will advise you and answer all your questions.

We hope you enjoy your stay in the villa and on this splendid island.

For your comfort and your safety as those around you, we kindly ask you to comply with the recommendations and instructions of these rules of procedure.

We invite you to read it below.

For the well-being of all occupants, an internal regulation is posted in the villa. Another will be signed to read it, any tenant

agrees to respect it. Some precautions can avoid a possible inconvenience. 



Acceptance of the General Conditions of Rental, the Internal Regulations and the State of the Premises

The present general conditions of lease govern the contractual relations between SUNSET PARADISE and its tenant, the latter accepting them without reserve.These conditions are irrevocable and correspond to the final consent of the tenant.

Failure to comply with one or more of the terms and conditions of the SUNSET PARADISE By-Laws and presented hereafter will result in immediate termination of the rental to the fault of the tenant.

Tenant identification

The person booking the rental for a specified period is the tenant said "responsible" .. The lease concluded between the parties can in no way benefit even partially to third natural persons or legal entities

State of play

An internal and external inventory ("inventory of fixtures"), in accordance with an inventory sheet presented by SUNSET PARADISE is established (in two copies) with the tenant on arrival and departure.

Equipment and facilities on the site must be used for their intended purpose.

The interior has been designed for optimum use for the duration and quality of reception, so bedding, furniture and other objects should not be moved or transported inside or outside the villa .

All elements of SAMUI PARADISE included in the inventory must be returned to the place he occupied when entering the premises.


The maximum number of people accommodated in the villa is 6 people except agreement of the owner.

Use of the pool

The use of the pool is under the full responsibility of the tenant.

Children must be continuously supervised by an adult while in the pool..

In case of deprivation of enjoyment of the swimming pool due to an accident or a malfunction, a prolonged breakdown, an act of vandalism intervened during the stay of the tenant, no compensation can be nor will be claimed by the tenant to the owner of SUNSET PARADISE .

Security Deposit, Insurance & Damage

Upon arrival, the tenant must obligatorily submit, in cash a security deposit of an amount fixed at TBH 25000. The payment of this deposit shall in no case be considered as participation in the payment of the rental. At the end of the stay, after finding the good condition inside and outside the villa, the deposit is returned by the representative of SUNSET PARADISE at the end of the inventory made in the presence of the tenant.

The tenant in title is personally responsible for all the damages, losses or degradations brought as much to the housing itself and what it contains as to all the installations of the site, committed by itself or the persons / parents who stay with him , or who visit him. The tenant is therefore obliged to be insured by an insurance contract.

Use of the premises

The villa is non-smoking. Smoking only outside or on terraces .

The tenant will have to ensure the peaceful character of the hiring and make use of it in person responsible according to the destination of the places. The rest and tranquility of the neighborhood, avoiding excessive noise or any other nuisance, especially in the evening.

It is absolutely forbidden to light an open fire anywhere on or around the property in all seasons. .

The tenant will ensure that an adult (person over 18 years of age or older) is always present on site in case children are left in the enclosure of SAMUI PARADISE without being under the supervision of their respective parents.

The tenant must abstain in absolute way to throw in the sinks, sinks, toilets, etc ..., objects likely to obstruct the pipes, otherwise he will be liable for the costs incurred for the return to service of these devices. In this regard, due to the difficulties experienced in obtaining the intervention of the staff or a specialized company, the owner declines all responsibility for any delay in carrying out the necessary repairs.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. the objects found after the departure of the tenants will be sent to them by post at their expense.

Internet access WI-FI.

The tenant is responsible for the use of the internet access made available during the rental period


For your safety, it is strictly forbidden to climb on the roof of the villa.

Tenants accept without reservation, irrevocably and definitively, the general rental conditions and these rules of procedure. Failure to comply with one or more of the conditions of the rules and regulations attached to the villa SUNSET PARADISE may result in the immediate termination of the lease to the fault of the tenant. The rental income will then be permanently acquired by the owner